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10 Ways to Save on Your Venue and Menu | PEAR | Buffalo, New York Wedding Planning

Posted by on Aug 10, 2015 in Buffalo Wedding Planning, Venues New York, WEDDINGS | 0 comments


Whether your budget is little or limitless every bride deserves the wedding of her dreams! Here are a few tips to help save on the venue and menu and make those dreams happen.

1. Get married on a Friday or Sunday.

    If you get married on an off peak day (aka not Saturday) or a less popular time of the year (fall and winter) you can usually score an awesome venue for a nice deal.

2. Slash your guest list.

    When the guest list starts adding up so does every aspect in your wedding, food, venue space, tables, and chairs. So it isn’t easy, but you might not be able to invite all of your sorority sisters from college or that one friend you went to summer camp with in middle school.

3. Go with a venue that is ready to roll.

    Sure having a wedding at the home you grew up would be intimate an heartfelt but prepare to have your parents even more stressed and your rental budget to be through the roof with extras such as toilets and tents.

4. Exchange vows and celebrate in the same place.

    It is as easy as that. You will save on venue fees, cost of transportation, and even flowers. (Have a day of coordinator move everything from your ceremony to the reception while guests enjoy cocktail hour.)

5. Consider a plated dinner.

    As crazy as it sounds since this is considered a fancier option. Food stations require the caterer to allot for Uncle Bob to take 3 servings of the beef station and none of the fish, so the caterer prepares enough food for that which equals a huge budget for food.

6. Opt out of he open bar.

    Offer your guests beer, wine, and a signature cocktail. Since your caterer won’t have to uncork tons of different bottles, you’ll save money without having thirsty guests.

7. Serve comfort foods.

    Everyone loves macaroni and cheese and BBQ chicken. So just create a display of it all and let your guests be comfortable and enjoy. Besides we all know everyone lves these classics over a fancy chicken breast with a fancy sauce.

8. Skip the champagne toast.

    Lets face it, some people just take a sip and leave the rest in their glass for the duration of the night. So you have two choices; let your guests toast with whatever drink they have whether it be a coke or a beer. Or toast with champagnes cheaper sparkling cousin, Prosecco. Same idea, just saving money.

9. Think Seasonally.

   If you are having a wedding in the fall or winter, fruits and veggies are out of season, therefore more expensive and less tasty. So forgo those options and stay in tune with the season and pick  a pecan pie for dessert. But if your getting married in July by all means have a strawberry shortcake as a staple of your dessert table.

10. Throw a brunch reception.

    Having a midday brunch will surely keep your budget down while giving your guests a fun wedding. Besides who doesn’t love breakfast food? This will also cut down on your alcohol costs a ton. Just fancy up your menu with a lobster eggs Benedict, roasted breakfast potatoes sprinkled with truffle salt, an a Belgian waffle bar. And don’t forget the endless mimosas.


 Happy Wedding Planning!


Samantha Lucenti

PEAR Event Coordinator Intern


5 Simple Ways to Change your Last Name After You Say I Do | PEAR | Buffalo, New York Wedding Planning

Posted by on Jul 28, 2015 in Buffalo Wedding Planning, WEDDINGS | 0 comments

Congratulations! You have now married your best friend and get to share their last name for the rest of your happy lives together. So you signed your marriage license with your new last name and think you are all set? Sorry to break it to you but you have much more to change!

1. Get your marriage license.

Before you can change your name on anything you must have the original, or certified, marriage license with the raised seal and your new last name on it.

2. Change your Social Security Card.

Visit the Social Security Administrations website and fill out the application for a new card. You will still have the same number but now have the last name of your best friend. Simply mail in the application and you will receive your card within 10 days.

3. Change your license at the DMV.

Take a trip to the DMV to get a license with your new last name, make sure to bring every form of identification with you such as your old license, certified marriage license, and most importantly your new social security card.

4. Change your bank accounts.

If setting up a joint accound, head into a branch location of your bank and request new checks, debit and credit cards, and also change your names on your accounts. Just remember, bring your new drivers license and your marriage license!

5.Fill in the blanks.

Once you have a social security card and drivers license in your marriage name, the rest should be fairly easy. Some places may just require only a phone call, some may ask for a copy of your marriage certificate or social security card.

Be sure to notify:

  • Employers/Payroll
  • Post Office
  • Electric & other Utility Companies
  • Doctors Office
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Passport Office

– Or if you want to forgo all of this busy work, you can simply go to Hitchswitch Name Change and choose your options, it can range from $30-$60 but will save you loads of time in the long run.

Until next time!


Samantha Lucenti

PEAR Event Coordinator Intern

The New Rules of Wedding Etiquette|PEAR|Buffalo, New York Wedding Planning

Posted by on Jun 30, 2015 in Buffalo Wedding Planning | 0 comments

  • Call your parents before you “post” or “tweet” to announce your engagement.

            Since this is one of the biggest events of your life, making it personal with family and close friends will make it more memorable for you and will also make them feel more included.

  • Post pictures of your engagement ring.

            Ever since you posted your ”engaged” update, everyone has been dying to see your ring. So post it! But keep the details of price and carat to yourself to prevent bragging. ( And a manicure may be wanted so that first look everyone gets is picture perfect.)

  • Designate a “tweeter of honor.”

            Pick a bridesmaid who will let you enjoy your day and make you stay off your phone while still keeping everyone updated. Everyone who wasn’t able to make it to the wedding will still want to have a play by play so they can still know what is happening

  • Send out traditional paper invites for the main event.

            In todays technology based world, where your guests receive hundreds of emails a day, a physical invite has become so much more special. Emails are okay for pre-wedding parties and more unofficial gatherings.

  • Spread the word about your hashtag.

            Nearly all of the guests at your wedding have some sort of technology so when they post a picture or a status of how beautiful your first dance was, you will be able to back track through those hashtags and relive your night through your guests eyes.

Happy Wedding Planning!


Samantha Lucenti

PEAR Event Coordinator Intern

5 Naked Cakes Dressed for a Wedding | PEAR | Buffalo, New York Wedding Planning

Posted by on Jun 24, 2015 in WEDDINGS | 0 comments

    One of the most popular trends of 2015 weddings has been the Naked Cake. Sure it is a tiered cake missing blankets of buttercream and sugar detailing, but these simple cakes have taken weddings by storm. They fit well with any theme, whether the wedding may be more rustic and whimsical or traditional ballroom glitz, the naked cake can be dressed up or down.

 naked cake 1

The silver platter that holds this cake gives it a more classic style while the beautiful colors of magenta and light pinks pop from the canvas of dusted powdered sugar and horizontal white lines.

naked cake 2

The contrast between the horizontal lines of the black cake and white frosting gives this naked cake a very crisp and polished look when being dressed with a couple fresh flowers that contrast with the colors as well making it even more elegant.

naked cake 3

This cake is a prime example of simplicity at its best, while letting the stand-out color speak for itself.

nake cake 4

 Having multiple smaller cakes at a wedding has become an increasingly more popular idea for dessert tables at weddings so there are more varieties of flavors and in this case, naked cakes and fully frosted cakes. These simple naked cakes are perfect accessories for whatever may be the main attraction.

naked cake 5

Lastly this naked cake is romantic and simple at the same time, perfect for the more rustic wedding with this cascade of seeded eucalyptus and Juliet roses.


Samantha Lucenti

PEAR Event Coordinator Intern

Party Planning Printables!

Posted by on Apr 20, 2015 in Buffalo Wedding Planning | 0 comments

This week on the blog I came across these awesome user friendly party planning printable templates curiosity from  A Pair of Pears blog. These worksheets are much needed for event planners! They are truly perfect to stay on track of your work and help to timeline yourself on where you need to be when you have less than a few months till your event.


Follow the link to print yourself a few!







Victoria Isabela

Social Media Intern

Tent Your Event!

Posted by on Apr 11, 2015 in Buffalo Wedding Planning | 0 comments

The Ultimate Guide To Event Tents


Marquees provide a classic look to an outside event. There are versatile looks and way to design marquee tents from various draping or bunting patterns to different lighting options such as chandeliers to string lights. The options are endless!

db9b88d0a423af5aa00f49016b4e12dc Ultimate-Guide-To-Wedding-Tents-Marquees-Yurts-Tipis-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-10reception-under-stars

Capri Marquees

These marquees are much more chic and perfect for a hot day. Capri Marquees bring the outside in and allow for a cool breeze to flow through the tents and give an inviting atmosphere for guests till the last dance.



If you’re looking to have a more intimate gathering, a tipi or kata might be the perfect fit for your event. They are unique and entertaining and come in various sizes depending on each rental company.


Sperry Tents

A signature tent among event planners, sperry tents are similar to marquees, sides can be added by request or even by a DIY project. Extremely versatile in design and patterns, it consists typically with a high top roof (think of a circus tent) adding lights and decorations can add elegance to a plain tent.



If you’re struggling with space, canopies are a great idea to add to any enclosed area. Look at different fabrics to play with from parachute silk, lace to reams of ribbon or even tulle to make an plain space into a beautiful event. 

c2ab56737249255e0c9820c559c4e775 lace-canopy-wedding-decor copy


Chinese Hat

These small arranged structure are chic and adorable to add to an a event. You can add additional chinese hat structures for a bar area and seating placements. By adding creative lighting can brighten up your tent and add some unique character too!


Make sure to ask PEAR for what options we can provide you for your upcoming event.




Social Media Intern

Inspired by Lights

Posted by on Apr 7, 2015 in Buffalo Wedding Planning | 0 comments


Lighting may seem like the least of your worries but in reality lighting is everything when it comes to planning for your event. The lighting of your event can change the entire ambience of a room and can add plenty of character. Putting time and effort into your lighting can build and create an inviting atmosphere where your guests can feel the aura of a successful event.


String lights are simple and can be easily hung to create a warm welcoming feeling.


There are plenty of arrangements and styles you can play with to create the perfect relaxed atmosphere, with a little research you can find what will suit your event.


If you have time and are willing to start a DIY project but more importantly looking to save yourself some money you can always head to your local craft store and put together your own lighting arrangements using several pieces, such as twigs and intertwining them with lights.


Make sure to speak with your event planner for more ideas and insight on how to organize and design your own lighting arrangements.


As always stay inspired!



Victoria Benitez

Social Media Intern

4 Ways to Boost Your Event Through Social Media

Posted by on Mar 11, 2015 in Buffalo Wedding Planning | 0 comments


Whether you’re putting together a fundraiser, corporate or even group event, social media can help to attract potential attendees and engage them to participate in future engagements.

Here are strategic ways to Boost Your Event (through social media):

  1. Organizing An Event on social media: Create an Evite where guests can RSVP to your event online, rates tend to be higher online versus paper invitations. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can help to promote your event to a larger audience and it is a quick way to keep people informed and up to date about the event. A great platform to use is Eventbrite it’s an simple and user friendly website to create your event and keep track of guests.
  2. Promoting An Event: Have a niche for videos and film making? Video marketing might just be the right touch for your business! It has been identified that video marketing builds up the right amount of anticipation for any event and the best part,  it can be produced on a low budget for business start ups. Once your business is up and running, consider hiring a video professional, such as Shutter Dream Studio, to create a Marketing video for your company and events.

Quick tip: Integrate a #hashtag with your future event! It helps other attendees to connect and interact with each other allowing for a bigger social conversation to spread about the event.

  1. Amplifying The Live Experience: From prizes to event hashtags, enhancing the experience from the beginning set up of the event will only attract more followers. By offering prizes to those who “Retweet” the most or have the best “Tweet Of The Day” about the event, can heighten the interest of engaged and reach potential attendees. Encouraging the “hash-tagging” of photos, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other various social media outlets can allow those who weren’t able to attend the event to follow the action and inspire them to attend the next event!

Quick tip: Stay on top of enquiries on social media! There will always be attendees who will need questions answered whether it is directions or when will the band come on stay, remember to provide customer service promptly.

  1. Extending The Life of An Event Beyond the Event: One word: Showcase! There’s plenty of platforms to showcase the hardwork put into an event from Pinterest to Youtube. Uploading highlights from the event to these platforms can occur at anytime following the event, don’t feel as if you cannot utilize event photos and videos on social media after the event, as long as it serves a purpose of your company and remains relevant to the trends.

Quick tip: Stay active with your online community whether or not your events are weekly or monthly, keep your audience engaged all year long.


Until next time,

Pear Planning

Victoria Benitez

Social Media Intern

Color Your Event With the Color of the Year: Marsala

Posted by on Mar 8, 2015 in Buffalo Wedding Planning | 0 comments

marsala-bloody-coolPantone’s Color of the Year, Marsala, has been the talk of town from beauty to fashion this color is is absolutely stunning and has a ton of potential for home decor but more importantly event planning.


Beautiful silk fabrics first come to mind and bold patterns that are eye-catching completely win me over when I pair the two together. This deep, rich red tone is truly worth the chance for risk takers and is trending fast.
This color has plenty of potential from invitation cards to table placements and can be paired with many colors. Some of my favorites include stunning metallics such as gold for a Renaissance inspired feel.
 Or if you’re a minimalist you can pair this bold color with light pastels such as peachy pink, pistachio green and lighter tones of teal. The beauty of this color is how versatile it truly is, it can be bold and powering or you can mix it with other colors to tone it down, either way it will pave the way for an elegant event.
Are you a fan of this year’s color Marsala? How would you tie this color into your event? Let us know!
As always be bold and daring!
Victoria Benitez
Social Media Intern

PEAR @ Buffalo Indie Wedding’s Creative Bridal Show

Posted by on Mar 3, 2015 in Buffalo Wedding Planning | 0 comments


On Sunday I stopped by Buffalo Indie Wedding’s Creative Bridal Show at The Foundry Suites. Walking through the show I couldn’t help but keep my eyes focused on one thing! There were so many beautiful and unique pieces to fall head over heels for. The range of artisans and craft put into this show was clearly noticeable and I couldn’t help but walk away from the show feeling proud to be a Buffalonian! シ






This stunning headpiece is by Something Blue by LeeAndi’s a bridal boutique that can be found in North Tonawanda. Check out their Facebook page here!
Custom invitations by Louelle Design Studio based in Rochester, NY. Stay up to date with them on Instagram and their Blog.
Hotel Layfayette’s own Beauty & Dry Bar, Groom Service, owned by Lead Pro Artist Katie Ambrose. Check out their services and gallery here.
One of my favorite tables and vendors of the afternoon is by Fern Croft Floral Studios based in Eden, NY. I spoke with the owner Erin Bauer about her craft and how although she’s based in Eden she spends most her time in Buffalo designing arrangements for special events. Follow her and her flowers here.
I couldn’t help but snap a photo of these Bella Belle Shoes carried by Made by Anatomy, look at the detail put into these heels.
 I swear, the butterfly heels were calling my name! See more accessories & dresses here by Made by Anatomy.
The dresses looked as if they were all from a fairytale and the fashion show that was carried on made me want to plan my own wedding as soon as possible. I want to thank Buffalo Indie Weddings for a phenomenal bridal show, keep up the great work and I cannot wait for next one!
As always stay local, shop local.
Victoria Benitez
Social Media Intern
(all photos by PEAR)