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[A place where you ask the questions and I attempt to answer them]PEAR Shannon Says

 PEARpubilcation First Edition: Spring/Summer 2013

What is the craziest wedding/event story you have? Probably the time I was the wedding planner for Steven Page, former lead singer of Barenaked Ladies.  As you can guess, he was the band for the evening.  Boy, what an evening it was! Throughout the night Steven, his former bandmates and family took the stage and delivered one of a kind songs. Then I had the honor of announcing them as husband and wife in front of their family and closest friends.  A day I will never forget!


If you could be on the cover of any magazine, what would it be and what would the headline be? Geez, this is a tough one!   Health & Fitness, “How I got in shape over night with a genie wish”.  Hahaha, no seriously.   Entrepreneur: “Maybe it pays to be CRAZY”.  It is a constant comment people make to me, “You are crazy, what’s wrong with you!”  Although I know they say it in jest, it would be nice to prove to them, myself, my friends, my family and all those other ‘crazy’ people in the world who feel left out or that they are different, that is okay to be who I am.  Life would be boring if we all were the same.


Who is your idol/hero & why? I was never one to look up to people or strive to be like someone, but a few people who inspired me are my former boss Arunas Chesonis, Oprah (power to the female), past colleagues; Chris Muller, Kate Siwik, and a few close friends; Kate Earley, Wendy Egloff, Cindy Ormond, Maria DeSantis, Meghan Thomas, Nanette Hayner and so many more.  They have driven me  and given me guidance to make me the business woman I am today.  And even though 10 years ago I wouldn’t have said this – my heroes are my family; Mom Pat, Dad Dan and Sister Stacy.  My mom cares and comforts me, my dad pushes and provokes me, my sister supports and stabilizes me.  All the recognition of my success certainly goes to them.


If you could be a flavor of ice cream, which would you be and how would you be served? Simple – vanilla.  A neutral flavor that can be altered to any craving based on your mood!  Add some chocolate syrup or sprinkles, or go crazy and top off with some peanut butter and toffee! Definitely served in a long bowl 🙂


What’s your favorite curse word?  I am going to F^@&ing punish these interns! I have a feeling they may have asked me this on purpose…perhaps they know the answer better than me?

I will be accepting questions of any kind to be answered in this section; regarding events, life, food, music, my dogs, what toothpaste is best, or pretty much anything you want.

Questions can be sent to: or submitted on our facebook page!


All submissions will be used in consideration for the upcoming PEARpublication!