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Posted by on Mar 12, 2017 in PEARevents | 0 comments

Event Styling | Room Transformation | Salvatore’s Buffalo New York

Event Styling | Room Transformation | Salvatore’s Buffalo New York

PEAR added a touch of chic to the traditionally established venue Salvatore’s for the Child and Adolescent Treatment Services annual fundraiser, Ignite Hope.  With a tested theme of Fire & Ice, lighting and room layout were priority among most.  Salvatore’s is a renowned and well-known venue in the Buffalo, New York area, which lends to hosting multiple events at the location.

event styling

Our challenge this year was to re-make the room as no one has ever seen it.  By displacing the center dance floor and filling in the room with an arrangement of special shaped tables, we were able to pay respect to the historic venue’s charm while infusing a new functionality and style.

Guests roamed and mingled among the white leather lounge furniture and glowing cocktail tables, while Mike Nanula serenaded the crowed with Frank Sinatra coos. Food stations including Steak in the Grass and mashed potatoes indulged the appetite needed before dancing the night away.

For information how to transform your next event, contact PEAR 716-512-9166  or



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Happy 2017 | Buffalo New York Weddings | Buffalo Wedding Magazine

Happy 2017 | Buffalo New York Weddings | Buffalo Wedding Magazine


BWMTo start off 2017 we grabbed the newest Buffalo Wedding Magazine!

We recommend this publication for a quick reference guide to new and seasoned wedding providers in Western New York!  This is a great starting point to open your knowledge to the hundreds of talented professionals in Buffalo New York.

If you can’t locate the exact vendor you are looking for, feel free to contact us at PEAR and we will assist in any way we can!

I picked up my copy of Buffalo Wedding Magazine at my local Wegmans, but you can order your free copy from the BWM if you like.

Happy engagement season and enjoy the wedding planning process #bridestobe!


Some of the featured vendors in the January Buffalo Wedding Magazine are: Stella Bridal Boutique, Heavenlee Weddings, ToyBros, Chrusciki Bakery, Lindsay DeDario Photography and MANY MANY more!


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PEARwedding | Michelle & David | Buffalo New York | Botanical Gardens

PEARwedding | Michelle & David | Buffalo New York | Botanical Gardens


Wedding Planner: Shannon M. Lach PEAR,

Venue: Botanical Gardens & Asbury Hall

Photography: Foto Impressions

Want more information?  |  |  716.512.9166

There is no gallery selected or the gallery was deleted.

PEAR: photo cred: Paul Van Hoy

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Posted by on Aug 1, 2016 in Buffalo Wedding Planning, Endorsements, PEARprojects, Shannon | 0 comments

#carePEAR Campaign  | Supporting Local Event Industries

#carePEAR Campaign | Supporting Local Event Industries

#carePEAR Campaign

We are excited to launch a new campaign in #buffalo New York, #carePEAR. We at PEAR value the success of and strive to support all Event Industry professionals, so we decided to launch a 2016 campaign showcasing and promoting local event industry professionals in our area!

Check out our Facebook page daily for postings highlighting Event Industry Professionals in #buffalo New York and email if you would like your business to be featured!


August and September of 2016 we will be featuring Buffalo and surrounding area businesses, but please feel free to send us your information if you are outside of this area, and we will be posting other cities in the near future!


cropped-IMG_0003.jpg  | 716.512.9166  |  |  2495 Main Street Suite 443 Buffalo New York 14214

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10 Ways to Save on Your Venue and Menu | PEAR | Buffalo, New York Wedding Planning

10 Ways to Save on Your Venue and Menu | PEAR | Buffalo, New York Wedding Planning

Whether your budget is little or limitless every bride desevres the wedding of her dreams! Here are a few tips to help save on the venue and menu and make those dreams happen.

1. Get married on a Friday or Sunday.

If you get married on an off peak day (aka not Saturday) or a less popular time of the year (fall and winter) you can usually score an awesome venue for a nice deal.

2. Slash your guest list.

When the guest list starts adding up so does every aspect in your wedding, food, venue space, tables, and chairs. So it isn’t easy, but you might not be able to invite all of your sorority sisters from college or that one friend you went to summer camp with in middle school.

3. Go with a venue that is ready to roll.

Sure having a wedding at the home you grew up would be intimate an heartfelt but prepare to have your parents even more stressed and your rental budget to be through the roof with extras such as toilets and tents.

4. Exchange vows and celebrate in the same place.

It is as easy as that. You will save on venue fees, cost of transportation, and even flowers. (Have a day of coordinator move everything from your ceremony to the reception while guests enjoy cocktail hour.)

5. Consider a plated dinner.

As crazy as it sounds since this is considered a fancier option. Food stations require the caterer to allot for Uncle Bob to take 3 servings of the beef station and none of the fish, so the caterer prepares enough food for that which equals a huge budget for food.

6. Opt out of he open bar.

Offer your guests beer, wine, and a signature cocktail. Since your caterer won’t have to uncork tons of different bottles, you’ll save money without having thirsty guests.

7. Serve comfort foods.

Everyone loves macaroni and cheese and BBQ chicken. So just create a display of it all and let your guests be comfortable and enjoy. Besides we all know everyone lves these classics over a fancy chicken breast with a fancy sauce.

8. Skip the champagne toast.

Lets face it, some people just take a sip and leave the rest in their glass for the duration of the night. So you have two choices; let your guests toast with whatever drink they have whether it be a coke or a beer. Or toast with champagnes cheaper sparkling cousin, Prosecco. Same idea, just saving money.

9. Think Seasonally.

If you are having a wedding in the fall or winter, fruits and veggies are out of season, therefore more expensive and less tasty. So forgo those options and stay in tune with the season and pick  a pecan pie for dessert. But if your getting married in July by all means have a strawberry shortcake as a staple of your dessert table.

10. Throw a brunch reception.

Having a midday brunch will surely keep your budget down while giving your guests a fun wedding. Besides who doesn’t love breakfast food? This will also cut down on your alcohol costs a ton. Just fancy up your menu with a lobster eggs Benedict, roasted breakfast potatoes sprinkled with truffle salt, an a Belgian waffle bar. And don’t forget the endless mimosas.

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