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Posted by on Apr 28, 2016 in Grand Openings, PEARpromo | 0 comments

PEARevent | 12 Gates Brewing Company {Grand Opening} 06.04.16

PEARevent | 12 Gates Brewing Company {Grand Opening} 06.04.16

12 Gates Music Line up

PEAR is proud to announce participation in an exciting #buffalo #NewYork #grandopening #event

Grand Opening & Music Fest

SATURDAY, June 4 2016

12:00pm Noon – 11:pm

GENERAL | $10 | Entrance to music fest, 12GBC pint glass & free first pour

click here to purchase GENERAL tickets

VIP | $20 | Entrance to music fest, 12GBC pint glass & free first-pour, limited edition T-shirt, VIP access to limited edition beer

click here to purchase VIP tickets



12 Gates Brewing Company Tasting Room Parking Lot

80 Earhart Drive  |  Williamsville |  New York  |  14221



Ten Cent Howl
Uncle Ben’s Remedy
Rear View Ramblers
First Ward
Dr Z and the Brothers
Sam Marabella and His Band
Ed Wyner & The Full Band

Updates to BAND LINE UP & ongoing activities can be found at the 12 Gates Brewing Company FACEBOOK PAGE


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Posted by on Jun 20, 2014 in BLOG, PEARpromo | 0 comments

Day2- Wedding Diet: 12 Day Beachbody Shakeology Challenge

Day2- Wedding Diet: 12 Day Beachbody Shakeology Challenge

Ok, so even though it is my second day, it is officially my first shake day…

MORNING/AFTERNOON (woke up at 12 noon)

…I only had Whole milk, and many people advised NOT to mix with only water.

I put the powder in the cup, and the cup on the counter, the spoon in the cup and stirred-stirred.

Other than the nasty powder filled clumps I ingested

(again, my own fault, because my mom gave me a blender…and it is sitting very nicely in my car, which I am clearly too lazy to go to and get it out of … I am out of shape WHY???), it wasn’t that bad!

There was not any bitter ‘powder’ taste, and I swear I felt a little ‘tingle’ when I swallowed that first powder pocket… my body was like..WHOA WAIT! Is this nutrients instead of cherry coke and popcorn!

So I am hopeful, hopeful I can maintain my promise to myself to finish this challenge, change my eating habits and increase my daily exercise routine.

Heck, let’s even throw in some personal beauty habit changes…tomorrow I am gonna soak my toes in the tub and give those little piglets a pedi!


I work at a restaurant Sunday and Monday Nights, so I am tempted.

I didn’t drink any booze…yeah!

I did have a small pizza…boo

I didn’t have chicken wings…yeah!

I did drink pop…boo

BUT I DID alternate one pop with one water 🙂

Baby steps…

xoxx. shannon

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Day1- Wedding Diet: 12 Day  Beachbody Shakeology Challenge

Day1- Wedding Diet: 12 Day Beachbody Shakeology Challenge

Well, to all you lovely brides out there trying to shed a few ‘excess LB’s’ I am hoping to have an answer for you.  A close friend of mine, Lindsay, is a coach for the Shakeology challenge.

Of course, in order for me to recommend it, I had to do it my self … right?  (or perhaps a shameless excuse to try the latest trend and jump start MY weight loss goals….but that is not important :))

Check back daily to see how my progress has been (I am writing the blog via hand, then transcribing to blog, so they will most likely not be posted daily…

So, here we go!

DAY 1: Sunday

…. well, it started just like the first day of every other diet I started… it didn’t….

Let’s be honest, it was day one of my diet…and I didn’t do it….

  1. zero glasses of water
  2. a shit ton of pop
  3. pizza
  4. blue cheese and celery (that was healthy ISH right?)
  5. Doritos… lots of doritos

I did however, purchase milk to make my shake… that is step one.  I also placed the shake pouches on my kitchen counter.  I am doing good, they are in the kitchen, I. Will. Use. Them. Tomorrow…

…I hope… You’ll find out too I guess!


xox  Shannon

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