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Love, Laughter & Life with Lindsay


Following Tradition

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It is no secret that America is a country full of diversity, and what better way to embrace these racially and ethnically different cultures than to incorporate it in your wedding!

For starters, I am sure we are all familiar with the local American culture that follows the saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence inside your shoe” advocating good luck in the bride’s new marriage by having aspects of the saying accessorized into her outfit.


Similarly, the Chinese still practice age-old marriage traditions in modern weddings today. With a hint of improvisations of the past, Fetching The Bride or gatecrashing is not as simple as it sounds. Customarily on the day of the wedding, the groom has to get his bride from her family’s home to his place. However, in order to get to his bride, the groom has to get past her bridesmaids and satisfy several tasks. But fret not, the groom is not alone as he and his groomsmen will set off together to accomplish the given tasks. Traditionally, gatecrashing served as a test of the groom’s sincerity and love, and represented the reluctance of the bride’s family to marry their daughter off. Hence, determines the level of difficulty of the assigned tasks.


Lastly, like other cultures, Indian weddings are rich with traditions and known to bring with them celebrations and customs full of fun. One unique tradition of Indian weddings that many still uphold today is the stealing and hiding of the groom’s shoes on the day of his wedding by the bride’s family, usually the sisters and cousins. As the groom has to remove his shoe during the ceremony, the bride’s family usually uses that opportunity to steal and hide the groom’s shoe while the groom’s family tries to protect or retrieve the shoe. Once the ceremony comes to an end and the groom’s shoes is in the hands of the bride’s family, the bridesmaids surround him and ask for a huge sum of money which the groom pays them and gets his shoes back. The money is not the key of the tradition but instead the fun that comes along with such customs, as it is an interesting way of involving the family and friends in the wedding.


Not only can such practices be incorporated into one’s wedding culturally and customarily, it can also be an interesting way to lighten up and even adds an interesting twist to the entire wedding!

Lots of Love,


Love, Laughter, and Life with Lindsay: Episode 3!

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Did you know you can cut box cake mixes in half and get the same result? Well, you can! This week’s episode shows you how to save money by not wasting food.

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Love, Laughter and Life with Lindsay: Episode 2!

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Thank you so much for the overwhelming support of this series! Here is episode numero dos: featuring my DIY apartment tips and my pride and joy: the blue chevron desk.

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Episode 2!





Love, Laughter and Life with Lindsay

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Here it is, folks! The first episode of Love, Laughter and Life with Lindsay…I hope you’re as excited as Sarah McKinnon and I are.

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Episode 1





Welcome DIY and all things creative lovers~

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Coming soon ***Love, Laughter & Life with Lindsay ***  website series & video series

A fun, exciting and creative website devoted to the whimsical and DIY brides – written by our crafty, first Exclusive PEAR \ Planning Wedding Planner – @lindsaycarroll !

Have any DIY questions or suggestions? Email to see your questions answered on the website!  I look forward to hearing from you!

Stay tuned as this series begins shortly!

xoxo LC