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PHOTO: Stacy Claire Phootgraphy

PHOTO: Stacy Claire Phootgraphy

Shannon Marie Lach: Owner/Principal Planner:

PEAR started growing in 2012 under the leadership of Owner and Principle Planner, Shannon Marie Lach. Lach has been creating and planning events since 2002.

Lach has been hired for event consultation and planning throughout Western New York for businesses, non profits, universities, celebrities, business owners and many more! She has held positions that have allowed her to work with many well known names; Hilary Clinton, OAR, Dashboard Confessionals, Steven Page of Barenaked Ladies, Gretchen Wilson,  Deanna Carter, Dustin Diamond, John Corbett, Jason Aldean,  Who’s Lines is it Anyway, Nobel Prize Winners, PAETEC, University of Rochester, Apple, Entercom and many more.

She an extensive knowledge of planning corporate events including Sales Meetings, Holiday Parties, Employee Recognition, Tradeshows and Grand Openings.

Lach has also planned over 35 weddings as of 2014, and assisted in the design/decor of over 500 weddings to date.  She has lived in Sienna, Italy for  a period of time that has allowed her to expand her design and concept pallet.

Currently, Lach is writing a book “How to Start and Run an Event and Meeting Planning Business”.

Once Shannon entered the event industry full-time, she soon realized she also had a passion for teaching and mentoring. From there the idea of PEAR was planted. With the continued support of dedicated partnerships, PEAR grew into the ripe, collaborative event enterprise it is today.



PEAR accepts 6 interns every season

Spring: January – May 

Application deadline: November 1

Summer: May – August

Application deadline: April 1

 Fall: August – January

Application deadline: June 1

Our Recent Interns: How we LOVE them!

Samantha Lucenti | Summer 2015 Wedding Intern | 2016 Summer Intern & Associate Planner in Training Apprentice: Samantha has a passion for weddings and a desire to make sure your special day is run flawlessly. With a strong skill for handling stressful situations, Samantha remains confident and aware. Samantha lived in Florence Italy, studying abroad, and has a love for puppies and Starbucks coffee.

Victoria Isabela Benitez: Only child. First thought this morning? I am blessed for everything God provided me with! Gucci or Valentino? have you SEEN the Fall 2015 show? 🙂 Something most people don’t know about you? I have a black belt in tae kwon do.

Sioban Melnyk: Spring 2015 Production Intern: Your Bedtime: 12-3am. When is the last time you cried? During Prancer before Christmas. How many pillows do you have? 6 – plus 2 dogs!

Alynn Beyder: PEARblog Author & Guest Blogger: What should we know about you that most don’t? I have not eaten a banana since I was three-years-old. The smell, texture and consistency of bananas gross me out. I can’t even eat anything that is banana flavored (i.e. strawberry banana yogurt, banana bread, etc.)

Sarah McKinnon: WHITE Party, Black Tie Affair {a fashion fundraiser} Co – Founder; Fall 2013, Creative Content Intern; Summer 2013: What was the last furry thing you touched? Not sure if this is technically furry, but I touched one of the Victoria’s Secret angel wings today in the office. First thought in the morning: “C’mon. Already? 5 More minutes.”

Maggie Neese: Social Media Intern; Summer 2013: How many pillows do you sleep with? One, but I have at least eight on the bed. What should we know about you that most don’t? I sleep with earplugs every night because I’m the world’s lightest sleeper.

Kylie Alexa: Wedding Intern Spring 2013: Funniest moment of your life? When I super glued my legs together.

Kristin Przybyla: Wedding Intern Summer 2013.  First Thought in the morning: Whyyyyy. What was the last furry thing you touched?   My little cousin Connor’s red hair